2024 DVGI Student Night Scholarships and Presentations

DVGI's annual Student Night was held on Tuesday, March 12, 2024. The DVGI Board had the challenge of narrowing a crowded field of well-qualified candidates to select scholarship recipients. The Board extends its thanks to all this year's applicants and congratulates to the following winners:

Slade Goldman (University of Delaware)

Ani Khachadourian (Lafayette College)

Catherine Marino (Villanova University)

Kris Melag (Drexel University)

Daniel Porotov (University of Delaware)

Sean Walshe (Lafayette College)


DVGI also thanks the following students who delivered presentations on their technical work to the Student Night attendees:

Will Baker (University of Delaware) on assessing Continuous Compaction Control.

Weiling Cai (Rowan University) on evaluating soil properties using high-frequency electromagnetic induction.

Kaniz Roksana (Rowan University) on using biocementation to prevent erosion of beach sands.


DVGI also thanks the following students who presented posters on their technical work during the Student Night reception:

Daniel Adeleke (Villanova University) on predicting the diffusion behavior of bentonite-polymer composites (BPC's).

Mohamad El Ahmad (Villanova University) on assessing the liquefaction behavior of sands.

Mohammadreza Jebeli (University of Delaware) on improving finite element analyses of lateral movement.

Thomas Mayer [presented by Thommy Messmer] (Villanova University) on managing urban stormwater using ultra-lightweight foam glass aggregate.

Mohammad Amin Nozari (University of Delaware) on using drones to assess the thicknesses of soil layers.

Siamak Yoosefi (University of Delaware) on analyzing the behavior of stone columns under axial loading.